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Please Choose Where You Need Dan's Real Estate Assistance. Dan is the broker/owner/agent at Orson Hill Realty in Evergreen, CO and a Realtor at Platinum Real Estate Marco Island, FL.

Dan Skelly Real Estate Agent/Realtor Marco Island/Naples Florida
and Evergreen/Golden Colorado

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Dan owned a marketing company in Southwest Florida for years and now also owns and runs Orson Hill Marketing Solutions.

Danny Skelly is a highly experienced and well-respected real estate broker/owner/agent based in Evergreen, Colorado, who specializes in the Denver Foothills, Mountains, and surrounding areas. He holds licenses to practice in both Colorado and Florida, and has been working in the real estate industry for many years, becoming a certified broker in Colorado a decade ago. With his extensive knowledge and expertise in the industry, he is able to provide his clients with valuable insights and guidance throughout the buying and selling process. He is also able to stay updated with real-time property alerts, ensuring that his clients are always the first to know when new listings become available. Prior to becoming a broker, Danny worked in a marketing company in Southwest Florida that helped real estate agents with their promotions, a time when digital platforms were not yet existent, and direct mail was the most popular marketing technique for real estate agents. Dan Skelly is the Broker/Owner/Agent of Orson Hill Realty in Evergreen, Colorado, where he has been helping buyers and sellers navigate the real estate market with his knowledge and experience.

Dan Skelly Real Estate

Greetings, I am Danny Skelly, Realtor, an experienced and driven real estate agent with over a decade of experience in the industry. With a lifelong passion for the field, I obtained my license as a real estate broker in Colorado and have been thriving ever since. Prior to this, I established a strong foothold in the Southwest Florida market, working closely with real estate agents in my marketing company. During those times, real estate websites were still in their infancy, and direct mail was the primary marketing strategy.

My entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen were apparent from a young age when I established and ran multiple small companies throughout my twenties. I acquired my first company, a motel in the Outer Banks of NC, at the age of 33, and expanded it to include a fishing charter business. After moving to Southwest Florida, I purchased a struggling print shop, where I introduced digital printing, graphic design, and web marketing and design. Most of my clients were real estate companies and related businesses. Despite the market crash in 2008, I sold the business and moved to Taos, NM, where I opened a children’s play center and restaurant. I eventually relocated to Evergreen, CO, where I obtained my associate broker’s license, worked for Keller Williams Foothills, and ultimately obtained my employing broker license, opening my own real estate company, Orson Hill Realty.

As a Realtor and a contributor at OH Real Estate News, I advocate for the use of technology in real estate. I am a firm believer that real estate agents must stay technologically advanced to provide the best service to their clients. My forward-thinking approach has enabled me to offer clients the latest and most efficient technology in the industry. I have owned several other businesses, including nightclubs, e-commerce websites, and more, giving me a breadth of experience and expertise that I bring to every transaction.

In the Denver Foothills, just outside of the city, you can experience true mountain living, with large yards, horse facilities, and breathtaking views. I specialize in serving the front range, foothills, and Denver markets, and I am your best choice for a realtor. With a deep understanding of the market and the latest technology, I am dedicated to providing exceptional service to all my clients. I am currently working on opening an office in Florida to expand my services to even more clients.

Dan Skelly Real Estate Agent Florida and Colorado

Platinum Real Estate

Florida Real Estate

Danny Skelly is a Realtor at Platinum Real Estate Marco Island, FL. Serving Marco Island, Sanibel, Naples, Cape Coral, Fort Myers and all of Southwest Florida. 

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Orson Hill Realty

Colorado Real Estate

Danny Skelly is the Broker/Owner/Agent at Orson Hill Realty in Evergreen, CO. Serving Evergreen, Golden, Morrison, Conifer and the rest of the Denver Foothills. 

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Dan Skelly Real Estate Colorado

Dan Skelly
Orson Hill Realty
30792 Southview Dr. #110
Evergreen, CO 80439

Dan Skelly Real Estate Florida

Dan Skelly
Platinum Real Estate
678 Bald Eagle Drive #1
Marco Island, Florida 34145

Dan Skelly Real Estate Florida and Colorado

Dan Skelly Realtor Florida and Colorado

Before Realtor, Danny Skelly, started out as a small business owner at a young age. Starting and running small companies throughout his 20s. He bought his first company at the age of 33. It was a motel in the Outer Banks of NC. He expanded the business by adding a fishing charter business that was docked at the motel docks. He sold that business and moved to Southwest Florida. There he purchased a struggling printshop. He added digital printing, graphic design and web marketing and design. Most of his clients were real estate companies and companies that were attached to the real estate business. He sold that in 2008 after the real estate market crash. He moved to Taos, NM and opened a kids playcenter and restaurant. He sold that soon after opening it and moved to Evergreen, CO.

Dan Skelly Real Estate

Years of Experience in Marketing and Real Estate

There he got his associate broker’s license and worked for Keller Williams Foothills in Evergreen, CO. After many years he decided to get his employing broker license and open his own real estate company. The Denver Foothills are the mountain communities just outside Denver Metro. In the foothills you get true mountain living. You often get a large yard, horse facilities, and fantastic views just outside the city. Most of the foothills are between 30 and 50 minutes to Downtown Denver. So if you would like to be close to the city (for convenience) then the foothills are for you! Especially if you enjoy hiking and outdoor activities like camping and mountain biking. Danny Skelly is your best choice for a Realtor. Dan is the broker/owner of Orson Hill Realty, a real estate company based in Evergreen, CO that services the front range, foothills and Denver. Dan owned a marketing company in Southwest Florida for years and now also owns and runs Orson Hill Marketing Solutions.

Dan Skelly Real Estate
Dan Skelly Real Estate
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