Settlement Reached in Taralyn Romero VS Jefferson County and Kittredge Park

Jefferson County Adverse Possession Suit Kittredge Park Colorado V Taralyn Romero

It is with great sadness we report today that a Settlement has been reached in the Taralyn Romero VS Jefferson County and Kittredge Park. I have been on the side of the homeowner, Taralyn Romero, right up until they accepted the $250,000 payout from taxpayers in Jefferson County. It is an absolute shame in our opinion. This case was much bigger than one homeowner and that is why we got involved. Our intention was never to enrich a homeowner’s bank account at the cost of the taxpayer. We feel as if us and all the community that jumped in to help the underdog against the government overreach were taken advantage of. We would like to stress that the property is Taralyn’s and she can do with it what she pleases (including selling out to the big government bullies) but we were there to help her to help the rest of us.