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Appealing Jefferson County Property Tax Assessment – We Can Help You Contest it With Providing You With Some New Comps

If you are looking to contest your 2023 Jefferson County Property Taxes, give me a shout. I have successfully helped a lot of homeowners in the past convince the Jefferson County Assessors Office they made mistakes in property valuations. I may not be able to help but it is worth a call. This is something I do as a free service to people in the community. Just give me a call at 303-503-8793 and we can see if I can get you a CMA to use while disputing your 2023 Jefferson County Colorado Taxes. (we provide this service for free. We just ask if you have a friend selling or buying a home, send them our way) 

I offer a complimentary service dedicated to assisting homeowners in Jefferson County and Clear Creek with their property tax challenges. My expertise lies in providing a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) or Broker Price Opinion (BPO) of their property, which can be utilized when interacting with the Jefferson County Assessor. As a token of gratitude, I kindly request that if you have friends or family who are in the process of buying or selling a home, you consider recommending our services. We strive to provide exceptional assistance. Please feel free to contact us at 303-503-8793 to discuss how we can be of help to you. Once I send you your CMA to send to the county you will complete this form on the county website: https://www.jeffco.us/4593/20232024-Property-Valuation

Appealing and Disputing Your Jefferson County Property Taxes:

Contesting Jefferson County Property Taxes in 2023? Maybe We Can Help

Orson Hill Realty is just as shocked as you about the 2023 Jefferson County Property Tax Assessments.We Have already been contacted by a lot homeowners not happy about their 2023 property values. Homeowners across Jefferson County have received a recent letter from the Assessor’s Office, disclosing their updated property valuations. However, what lies within these valuations has sparked fury among residents, as they discover the astronomical surge in property taxes since the last assessment two years ago—an outrageous average increase of 30%. It’s time to dig deep into the matter, understands the implications of Jefferson County property tax assessments, and explore the available options to fight back against this unjustifiable burden.

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I. The Unjust Foundation of Tax Valuations:

a. Arbitrary County Perceptions and Selective Comparable Sales: The county’s whimsical perception of a property’s value as of January 1, 2023, forms the basis of tax valuations. These valuations are determined using cherry-picked comparable sales within a two-year period, from July 1, 2020, to June 30, 2022. Astonishingly, this conveniently excludes the six-month slump following rapid interest rate hikes—the aftermath of the strongest two years in Denver metro area’s real estate history.

b. Soaring Home Values Disregarded: While the county conveniently capitalizes on the skyrocketing home values since the summer of 2020, homeowners are left astounded by the exorbitant sale prices their properties could command in the current market. Yet, the Assessor’s valuation of their homes on January 1, 2023, defies logic and fails to account for more reasonable comparable sales that would justify a lower valuation for tax purposes.

II. Fighting Back: Exercising Your Right to Appeal:

a. Homeowner’s Power to Challenge: It’s crucial to remember that homeowners possess the right to challenge the Assessor’s valuation of their property. Taking action is as simple as completing an online form provided by your county. Don’t let the deadline, June 8, 2023, slip away—stand up for your rights!

b. Asserting Overvaluation with Solid Evidence: In your appeal, make it clear that you believe the Assessor’s valuation is outrageously inflated. Provide compelling evidence by citing specific sales that occurred between July 1, 2020, and June 30, 2022—sales conveniently overlooked by the Assessor. Unveil the truth and demand a fair and just valuation for tax purposes.

III. Seeking Relief: The Battle in the Legislature:

a. A Glimmer of Hope: Fortunately, a bill is currently making its way through the Colorado legislature, offering homeowners a glimmer of hope in the face of relentless property valuation increases. This bill aims to provide much-needed relief from the burden placed upon homeowners. However, it’s important to recognize that the details of this legislation are yet to be finalized, leaving its passage, signing, and transformation into law uncertain.

Fighting Your 2023 Jefferson County Property Tax Assessment

The Jefferson County property tax assessment system has unleashed a wave of anger and frustration among homeowners, as they are confronted with skyrocketing property taxes. However, do not succumb to the despair. Fight back by challenging the Assessor’s valuation through the appeals process and demanding a fair assessment based on real evidence. Stay informed about the pending legislation in the Colorado legislature, as it may hold the key to the relief homeowners desperately seek. Remember, together we can advocate for a just and equitable property tax system that respects the rights and financial well-being of Jefferson County residents.

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Take Action Now and Dispute Your 2023 JeffCO Taxes – Orson Hill Realty Can Help

  1. Complete the online form to appeal the Assessor’s inflated valuation before June 8, 2023.
  2. Gather solid evidence of specific sales between July 1, 2020, and June 30, 2022, that the Assessor overlooked and use them to support your case for a lower valuation.
  3. Stay updated on the progress of the pending legislation in the Colorado legislature, as it holds the potential to provide much-needed relief from the burden of escalating property valuations.
  4. Remember, the time for action is now. The unjustifiable increase in Jefferson County property tax assessments demands a strong response. By challenging the Assessor’s valuation and advocating for fair treatment, we can make a difference. Together, we have the power to bring about change and ensure a just and equitable property tax system.
  5. Don’t let frustration and anger consume you—channel that energy into seeking justice and relief. Reach out to us for guidance and support as we navigate this tumultuous landscape together. By standing united, we can achieve a fair and transparent property tax assessment process for all Jefferson County homeowners.
  6. Take a stand against the injustice. Take control of your property tax assessment. Together, let’s fight for a brighter future.
  1. Jefferson County has released property value assessments for 2023, leading to significant increases in property taxes for many homeowners.
  2. Orson Hill Realty offers assistance to contest Jefferson County 2023 Property Taxes for free.
  3. Homeowners have the right to appeal their property assessments if they believe they are incorrect, unfair, or inconsistent with similar properties.
  4. The appeal period runs from May 1 to June 8, and it’s recommended to file the appeal early to avoid potential delays.
  5. When filing an appeal, homeowners should clearly state the reasons why they believe the assessment is incorrect and provide supporting evidence.
  6. The Assessor’s website provides information on sales used to determine property values, and homeowners can compare their property to similar sold properties.
  7. Utilizing the Property Records Search feature on the Assessor’s website can help gather data on comparable properties.
  8. Homeowners can request a list of residential property sales in their neighborhood from the Assessor’s office to assist in identifying similar properties.
  9. The Assessment Process section on the Assessor’s website provides information on how valuations are determined.
  10. After filing an appeal, homeowners will receive a notice of determination from the Assessor’s Office by August 15, which explains any adjustments made to the assessed value.
  11. If dissatisfied with the Assessor’s decision, homeowners can further appeal to the county’s Board of Equalization (BOE) by September 15.
  12. The BOE will conclude hearings by November 1 and notify petitioners of their decision within five business days.
  13. Homeowners have 30 days to appeal a decision made by the BOE if they remain unsatisfied.
  14. The article mentions the basis of tax valuations, which is the county’s perceived value of the property as of January 1, 2023, based on comparable sales from July 1, 2020, to June 30, 2022.
  15. Homeowners have the right to appeal the Assessor’s valuation and can cite specific sales that may not have been considered.
  16. Pending legislation in the Colorado legislature aims to offer relief to homeowners from the rapid increase in assessed valuations, but the specifics are yet to be finalized.
  17. Orson Hill Realty is available to assist homeowners in navigating the property tax assessment system and providing a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) or BPO (Broker Price Opinion) to present to the Jefferson County Assessor.
  18. The service provided by Orson Hill Realty is free, and they appreciate referrals if friends or family are buying or selling homes.
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Disclaimer: I am not a CPA or Attorney. The way I provide assistance is by giving you new home values and comps to provide to the county. It is a CMA or Broker opinion of value.

Dispute Jefferson County Property Taxes

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