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Please Choose Where You Need Dan's Assistance. Dan is the broker/owner/agent at Orson Hill Realty in Evergreen, CO and a Realtor at Platinum Real Estate Marco Island, FL.

Dan Skelly is a Realtor at Platinum Real Estate on Marco Island.

Dan Skelly Real Estate Agent
Dan Skelly Real Estate Agent

Hiring a Florida realtor to sell your house or help you find your next home can be a difficult decision. There are many decision factors and opinions to consider before making your decision.

You’ve decided it’s time for some house hunting. It’s a big decision, and you don’t want to make it alone. There’s a lot of research to do, and quite a few decisions to make. Where do you start?

If you’re trying to sell or buy property in Florida —or even just rent an apartment — you’ll want a realtor by your side. A good realtor should be able to maximize the return on your investment, on time, and help you through the entire process. But with so many realtors out there, it can be hard to know who’s good and who isn’t. That’s why we’ve created this guide to help you find the best realtor in Florida for your needs. Just follow our three simple steps and you’ll find the perfect agent for selling or buying a home in months, not years.

I’m Dan Skelly, a Platinum Real Estate Agent, Wants the opportunity to be your Realtor in Florida. Give me a call and we can discuss your real estate needs! 

Dan Skelly Real Estate – Florida
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Dan Skelly Real Estate

Dan Skelly is a real estate broker/owner/agent at Orson Hill Realty in Evergreen CO. Dan is also a Realtor in Southwest Florida on Marco Island and Naples Florida