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El Rancho Restaurant is about as much as a fixture in Evergreen Colorado as our Elk are. El Rancho has been serving great food and good times to the Denver Foothills and Front Range for decades. It is true that El Rancho has had some challenges in the recent past. That is hopefully in the past. The day to day operations have been taken from the Bannano Group and taken over by the property owner, Jack Buchanan, another fixture in the Evergreen community along with his wife, Sherri they plan to take El Rancho to the top again!

El Rancho Has Decades of History and Great Times!

El Rancho was converted to a restaurant in 1948 and that is when the good times started at Evergreen’s most historic bar. It has seen a lot owners and a lot of turmoil, especially in the last few years. El Rancho has a new daily operations manager and that is Jack Buchanan from Evergreen. Jack and his wife Sherrie are very well known in Evergreen and the Evergreen area.

Their familiarity with the area and its people positions them uniquely to oversee the operations of such a historic site. The community has welcomed their involvement with open arms, anticipating a fresh direction that respects the legacy of El Rancho while introducing modern luxuries to its great service and mountain ambiance.

El Rancho Has Been Working Hard To Lose Change Their Image

When a restaurant goes through the phases of being that “one” restaurant that keeps changing hands and closed for weeks or months or years at random times it’s hard to shake that stigma. If anyone can do it, El Rancho can with Jack and Sherri Buchanan. They will be trying many different things throughout the summer to make the place more fun and happening. Working on the menu and tons of other things.

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El Rancho Has Always Been and Always Will Be A Great Place For the Evergreen Community and Visitors

El Rancho is such a great place with the history and stories to prove it. Generations of Evergreen, Conifer, Idaho Springs and all the rest along with visitors and skiers in Colorado have enjoyed the food and beers at El Rancho. El Rancho will be around for generations to come. Every great business has it’s ups and downs and El Rancho is no different. Now under new leadership and management things will be great this summer at El Rancho!

El Rancho has been a cornerstone in the local community, offering both residents and visitors a taste of Evergreen’s rich history paired with casual dining. Over the decades, the establishment has seen numerous owners and faced its fair share of challenges, particularly in recent years which brought about significant upheaval and changes in management.

El Rancho
El Rancho

Is El Rancho Cursed

Every town in the country has that one bar or restaurant that everyone thinks is cursed. That one restaurant that just never makes it. No matter who buys, who runs it, who goes there, it just always fails. The fact most restaurants never hit the 2 year mark, the odds are already against you. It is always confusing for the community. I mean places have the perfect location, decent food, OK service and yet it still fails. Even with other bars in the area with far worse of all the above. But somehow those places succeed and other places fail. Well, Evergreen is no different. Unfortunately one of those restaurants just happens to be El Rancho. I have been in Evergreen 14 years and I can’t recall any successful attempt at El Rancho.

Is El Rancho Cursed
El Rancho Restaurant Evergreen Colorado
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