If you are looking to sell your home in Southwest Florida, there are several tips you should follow to ensure that your home sells quickly and for the best price possible. Here are the top 10 home selling tips for Florida:

  1. Clear Surfaces: Clear all surfaces of items, including countertops, furniture, and closets. Box these items up and store them neatly in the garage. An uncluttered space allows buyers to envision themselves in the home.
  2. Deep Clean: Cleaning is a must! It goes beyond the basics of dusting and includes attending to baseboards, blinds, curtains, and fan blades. Consider hiring someone for a deep clean or a cleaning service to keep your home consistently clean.
  3. Wash Windows: Florida is known for its sunshine, so make sure your windows are clean and let in the light. Update old blinds and take down heavy curtains, instead opting for sheer curtains that can be pushed aside.
  4. Imitate a Model Home: Visit builder’s model homes for ideas on how to stage your home. Clear off extra items on countertops, floors, and bookshelves, and remove personal paintings and family photos from the walls.
  5. Refresh Paint: Repaint the exterior of your home with an up-to-date color for better curb appeal. Additionally, repaint any rooms that have bold or outdated colors with soft neutral colors that are currently popular.
  6. Revitalize Landscaping: Landscaping is critical in Florida, so make sure to trim overgrown plants, replace them with fresh-looking ones, and add flowering plants by the entrance. Ask your landscaping company to edge everything for a sharp and clean look.
  7. Remove Pets: While pets may be part of your family, they may not be loved by everyone. Put away pet bowls during showings and limit the obvious presence of pets, so buyers aren’t deterred.
  8. Put the Personal Away: Pack up all religious or political items, family sayings, awards, and photos. Don’t have a collection of shoes, jackets, backpacks, or items near the front door or on the floor.
  9. Make Necessary Repairs: Fix all known material facts about the home, including air conditioning service, dead light bulbs, roof problems, and electrical issues.
  10. Choose the Right Real Estate Agent: Dan Skelly is a local, experienced real estate agent who can help you sell your home quickly and for the best price. Look for someone with a strong marketing plan and a track record of success in your area.
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By following these 10 home selling tips, you can increase your chances of selling your home in Florida quickly and for the best price possible. Remember that staging your home and making necessary repairs are essential steps in making your home attractive to buyers. Good luck!

Make Sure Your Southwest Florida Home Will Sell Fast for the Right Price
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