Neighborhood in Evergreen CO

Your Needs Determine What Area is Best For You

As a real estate broker in the Evergreen and Denver Foothills area, I am often asked about the best neighborhoods to live in. However, this question is difficult to answer because everyone’s needs and preferences are different. For instance, some people may prefer large yards, while others may not want to deal with the upkeep of a big lot. Some may have school-aged children, while others may have horses. Additionally, some may need to commute to Denver for work, while others may enjoy outdoor activities like skiing or mountain biking. Moreover, some may prefer a property with a view, while others may not think it’s worth the extra cost.

Neighborhood in Evergreen CO
Neighborhood in Evergreen CO

Some Areas Hold and Maintain Value Better Than Others

To simplify things, I will highlight a few neighborhoods in Evergreen that I personally like and believe are likely to hold value. However, it’s important to note that these neighborhoods may not be the right fit for everyone.

Upper Bear

One of my favorite areas is Upper Bear Creek, which features some of the most beautiful homes in the area. Although the road may be long and winding, and the valley can be shady in the afternoon, the creek is incredibly calming. Most of the homes in Upper Bear Creek are older but have a charming mountain feel to them. The area exudes a rich history and personality that makes it a worthwhile investment, despite the higher price tag.

Soda Creek

Another area that I recommend is Soda Creek. While the cell phone service in the neighborhood may be spotty, the location is hard to beat. Soda Creek is just a minute or two from I70, which provides easy access to Denver and ski resorts. The neighborhood is a mix of older and newer mountain homes, most of which allow horses. The lots are generally larger than those in other Evergreen neighborhoods, but the demand for properties in the area drives the prices up to over a million dollars.

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Hiwan is a well-known neighborhood in the area that offers excellent access to I70 and the ski resorts. The neighborhood is situated near the Hiwan golf course and features a mix of older and newer homes, built by various contractors. The homes are unique and diverse, offering a lot of variety. However, the lot sizes may be smaller than those in other parts of Evergreen, and the price point reflects the desirable location and Hiwan name.

Hangen Ranch

Lastly, Hangen Ranch is a fantastic neighborhood that features horse properties and large lots. The community is friendly and tight-knit, as evidenced by the annual Sweet Potato Fest event. The neighborhood is situated near Three Sisters Open Space and is in proximity to a large working ranch. It is an excellent mountain neighborhood with homes that are well-maintained and a great investment.

All Evergreen Neighborhoods are Awesome!

While these are just a few of the many great neighborhoods in Evergreen, there really isn’t a bad place to live. Every neighborhood has its own charm and appeal, so it’s best to speak with an Orson Hill Realty broker (agent) to determine which area is best suited for your specific needs and preferences.

Top Selling Neighborhoods in Evergreen Colorado
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