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Evergreen, Colorado is an amazing mountain town situated in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, just 30 minutes west of Denver. Living in Evergreen has a lot of benefits, and here are some of the best parts of it:

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  1. Beautiful Scenery: Evergreen is surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty with awesome views of snow-capped mountains, lush green forests, and crystal clear lakes. You can enjoy the changing colors of the seasons, the calmness of nature, and breathe in the fresh mountain air.
  2. Outdoor Activities: The town of Evergreen is a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts. You can enjoy hiking, mountain biking, fishing, kayaking, boating, skiing, snowboarding, and much more. Evergreen Lake is a popular destination for outdoor recreation, and during the summer months, you can also attend concerts and festivals held there.
  3. Community Spirit: Evergreen has a tight-knit community that values kindness and supports each other. The town has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, and there are numerous local events, farmers markets, and community gatherings throughout the year.
  4. Great Schools: Evergreen has excellent schools, including public, private, and charter schools, with dedicated and experienced teachers who prioritize the academic and personal growth of their students. Schools in all the Denver Foothills are absolutely fantastic. (I am speaking as a parent with 3 kids in Evergreen Schools) See More Here at Great Schools
  5. Proximity to Denver: Evergreen is only 30 minutes away from Denver, which means you have easy access to a wide range of urban amenities such as restaurants, museums, theaters, and shopping.
  6. Health and Wellness: Evergreen is a hub for holistic health and wellness. You can find a wide range of health practitioners, fitness studios, and wellness centers that offer yoga, meditation, acupuncture, and other health and wellness services.
  7. Small Town Vibe: Evergreen has everything a small mountain town has to offer in every way.
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Overall, Evergreen is an ideal place to live if you value nature, community, and a healthy lifestyle. With a stunning natural setting, an active and supportive community, and easy access to urban amenities, Evergreen is a fantastic place to call home.

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